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Perennial List 2023

Download our list of One Gallon Perennials that we have available:      

Crocker Nurseries Holidays 2016 Workshops

Holiday Decorating Classes 2023

Back by popular demand!  Get your home decorated for the holidays.  These classes are free, just pay for the materials that you use.  Classes will be held outside in the canopy (if the weather is really bad we will move indoors). Please register ahead of time by calling 508-896-5060 or emailing Outdoor Container Class […]

Crocker Nurseries Visit Us copy

Now Hiring for Spring 2022

We are looking forward to another wonderful gardening season and we have openings for some new teammates to help us this Spring! If you are tired of working at a screen or in an office, this is a great change to be outside, enjoying the beauty of plants. We are happy to take applications in […]

design challenge header

LESSON 7 | Design Challenge

Download the Items for this Lesson: Download Plant Lists Download Design Challenge Paper Congratulations, if you have gotten this far, you have completed all the lessons of the Landscaping Design Basics course. Here are the things you have learned: You have learned to draw out your areas on graph paper and figure out how much […]


LESSON 6 | Using Perennials, Annuals and Grasses

Download the Plant Guide for the Lesson: DOWNLOAD PLANT GUIDE This lesson will cover the use of annuals, perennials and grasses in the landscape. Each one of these subjects could have a lesson of its own, but we are going to show how these three categories of plants can greatly enhance what you have started […]

color wheel

LESSON 5 | Using Color in the Landscape

In this lesson, we are going to go over color: which colors go well with one another, how to repeat colors in a landscape to balance and look harmonious and how to place flowering plants strategically so you get the best use of color over the different seasons. First we will start with the color […]

Iseli Pic 1

LESSON 4 | Evergreen Textures & Foliage

Everyone is drawn to flowers. If you have a number of “impulse buys” in your yard, they are more than likely flowering plants. We are going to talk about flowers and flowering shrubs and trees in the next lesson, but in this lesson we are going to get you to look more closely at foliage texture and […]

house diagram 2 copy

LESSON 3 | How to Layout Plants in a Bed and Frame Structures

In this next lesson we will go over the layout of plants and how to frame structures. The correct placement of trees and shrubs can enhance your property by framing the buildings and directing your viewpoint. Improperly placed trees and shrubs can do the very opposite- blocking buildings or viewpoints and misdirecting your access around […]

Iseli pic 2

LESSON 2 | Spacing of Plants in your Landscape Design

The subject we are going to go over in this lesson is spacing. How much room do you put between plants? How much room do you put between plants and structures, plants and overhead wires, plants and streets? You are probably wondering why one lesson is devoted to just this subject. The reason for this […]


LESSON 1 | Landscape Design Mini Course

In this lesson, we are going to go over how to get started. It is very important to be able to observe carefully what the conditions are in your yard or garden. Very often people rush to add or change things without really looking at how things are at the start. Sometimes it can be […]

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