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The perennial department is an exciting department to be in because the plants are constantly changing. Perennials are plants that die back to the ground in the winter and emerge again in the spring. They have different bloom times, colors and heights as well as differences in where they prefer to be planted. Creating a nice perennial design for your home can be a challenge because of all these factors. That is why we concentrate a great deal of time on grouping of plants into colors and sun/shade preferences and tagging them with descriptive signs and color pictures. We give you all the information you need so that you can choose plants with the colors you want and the bloom times that coordinate them.

Perennial gardens are such an integral part of the landscape. They compliment your shrub borders and brighten up woodland paths. Once planted and minimally maintained,perennials will give you years of continual enjoyment.IMG_0441

The majority of our perennials are grown here at the nursery starting in our production greenhouses in January.  Our pre-season perennial sale held in late March/early April has been going on for over 30 years and marks the true beginning of the spring season in Brewster. This is the time when hardy gardeners defy the fluctuating early spring weather and get incredible deals on new and standard varieties of perennials. After the sale the perennials are moved outside and acclimated to the outside temperatures until they are safe to plant without protection. At that point they are made available for sale. All subsequent crops are grown directly outside.

We try to keep up with the newest varieties and cultivars of perennials and make them available to you. It is exciting for us to find what is new and proven in the industry and bring it to you. We have a trained staff in the perennial department that can answer all of your questions and assist you in creating a beautiful landscape in your backyard.

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