On Cape Cod, we all love annuals that bloom profusely during the late spring through early fall. Waiting for the last frost can be very frustrating when all we want to do is plant our geraniums and tomato plants!

Because we grow many or our annuals, the process starts a lot earlier than Spring for us. In the early fall, we begin the ordering of the cuttings of the varieties of different annuals such as geraniums, lantana, begonias, new guinea impatiens and more. We look over all the new and upcoming varieties and decide if we want to add them to our mix of plants. Once all the plants are ordered, we decide on what containers we are going to grow our plants in such as hangers, mixed baskets, pots or 6-packs. Then we go about ordering the pots and soil and fertilizers needed for the growing season.

Once we open up the growing greenhouses, the pots and soil are delivered and the small plants come packaged in insulated boxes, we begin potting them all up according to plan. The plants are carefully placed in trays in our Ebb and Flow bench system (watering system which floods the bench allowing the plant to take up the necessary water, then the water flows back into the tank) and start to grow. For all of us here at the nursery, this is one of the most exciting times of the year. Walking into the warm greenhouse on a cold March day and smelling the humidity and moist soil is such a delight for any garden enthusiast!


When the plants are completely grown and the weather is warming up outside, we start to bring the cooler growing annuals out into the unheated greenhouses called cold frames to acclimate them to the cooler outside temperatures. We call this hardening them off. Once this is done, we can safely bring them up to the retail area for sale.

All of our annuals are displayed under our glass canopy and retail greenhouse.  This protects them in the spring from any cold days, and also protects them from getting

We are very proud of the plants we grow especially our geraniums which we carry in every color imaginable. Because of the unique growing system which waters from the bottom, our geraniums are free of any fungal diseases. We also love making spectacular hanging baskets which are grown with drip irrigation and will make a real statement in your yard.

Our annual department includes all varieties of bedding plants, vegetable starts, hanging baskets, patio containers and tropical plants. If you have window boxes or patio pots that you need planted, bring them in and we will custom plant them just for you. If there is a specific variety of annual that you are looking for, please let us know and we will try to find it for you.


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