The nursery stock division makes up the largest part of our acreage. This division is divided between the 2016-06-10-14-44-49following types of plants: Shade trees, flowering trees, evergreen trees, broadleaf evergreens, conifers, flowering shrubs, fruit trees and bushes, vines and roses.

We choose trees and shrubs from around the country that are grown using the best possible practices. We have visited most of the nurseries that we buy from so we are able to assess how the plants are grown. We try to keep up with the best varieties and cultivars that are available. We like to make sure that any new varieties of plants are grown successfully in our area before we make them available to our customers. Cape Cod is a unique growing area and we have our challenges due to the sandy soil and the exposure to the ocean.

2016-06-14-12-49-14Our purpose in supplying you nursery stock is for you to be successful in understanding where it should
be planted, planting it properly and maintaining it into the future. This is also why we are so confident in giving you a one-year guarantee on nursery stock. Having healthy, flourishing trees and shrubs in your yard is the reason we put in the extra work to supply you with the best possible plants.

Most of our trees and shrubs are heeled in (covering the roots temporarily until they are planted) while they are waiting to be sold. We do this so that the root systems can be kept cool and moist and the plants do not tip over and become damaged. This is a huge advantage for the customer because they know that the roots of the tree or shrub they are buying are healthy and watered. Usually the roots are bursting through the burlap that covers them or out the holes in the pots when they are dug out for sale.

nursery stock 2We dedicate a great deal of effort to properly tagging our plants with information vital for you to make a smart decision as to the variety of plant for your specific location.  We include information such as sun or shade, mature height, special characteristics and needs. Without proper tagging, selecting plants can be a real challenge. We also have large display gardens highlighting trees and shrubs so that you can see how they will grow and what areas they prefer.

We also have a unique watering practice that we use on our trees and shrubs. Whereas most nurseries
have large overhead sprinkler systems, we hand water all of our trees and shrubs. This enables us to give each of the plants the exact amount of water it needs. In addition, by hand-watering, the water does not hit the foliage and all of the surrounding areas, but goes directly to the root system resulting in conservation of water resources. Keeping the water off the foliage of the plant also prevents fungal diseases and burn on the leaves.

One of the last important aspects of buying your tree or shrubs is to get it back home safely.  We will deliver your nursery stock to you or will assist you in getting it in your car, covering the foliage so it is not damaged by the ride home.

Our goal is your landscaping success and we are constantly trying to improve our facility to achieve that.2016-06-10-14-47-23

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