LESSON 7 | Design Challenge

Download the Items for this Lesson:

Download Plant Lists
Download Design Challenge Paper

Congratulations, if you have gotten this far, you have completed all the lessons of the Landscaping Design Basics course. Here are the things you have learned:

  1. You have learned to draw out your areas on graph paper and figure out how much sun or shade you have.
  2. You have learned how to properly frame buildings or lay out beds with regards to viewpoint.
  3. You know how to space out the plants by researching their eventual size so they have room to grow.
  4. You also have learned about foliage textures and color and how you could utilize them for interest in the garden.
  5. You have learned how to use color in the landscape and what colors look well together and why.
  6. You have learned ideas for using annuals, perennials and grasses.

Now it is time to put all these skills together and create something beautiful. But first we are going to give you some additional tools to use. We have put together some plant lists with descriptions for both sun and partial shade. We have a perennial list as well as a shrub list. These lists are not the entire nursery but some of the most popular plants in each category. There is a nice selection of color and foliage to design with. We have given you the basic characteristics of the plants such as flower color and eventual size. You do not have to stay with these but these are merely some suggestions.


Your challenge is to design a lovely garden on the graph paper download for a sunny location or a partially shaded location- this is your choice, one or the other, just note down which one you choose. You can use shrubs and perennials and grasses to create this bed. Think in terms of color and timing when you do your design and try to create a garden that will give interest in all the seasons.

If you’d like feedback on your design, you can bring it in to the nursery or email it to us at crockernurseries@gmail.com.

Have fun!

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