Apple Trees for Small Spaces


If you don’t have the space to grow full-sized fruit trees but really want to grow your own fruit, we may have an excellent solution for you.

We now carry Urban Apples® by Garden Debut®, new introductions of apple trees that yield great tasting apples in a tiny space. Now you can grow full-sized apples on slender, vertical trees that can grow in large pots on patios or decks or in smaller landscapes. These trees do best in full sun and will reach a height of 8-10′ and only 1.5-2′ in width. They are extremely healthy and disease resistant. As with most apples, two varieties are required for cross pollination.

The trees have pink blooms in the spring, fruit begins appearing in the early summer and apples are ready to harvest by fall.

These plants were developed by Dr. Jaroslav Tupy of the Czech Republic. Here are the varieties that are available:

  • Tasty Red ™- Bright red apple with a sweet, juicy flavor
  • Golden Treat ™- Greenish gold apples are tart in the early fall, but get sweeter the longer they are on the tree.
  • Tangy Green ™- Lime green apples that are crisp and tart.

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