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Tree and Shrub Availability

Updated 7/22/19

Summer is in full swing and we still have a large selection of trees and shrubs to choose from including over 50 varieties of hydrangeas!

One aspect that can be hard to judge from this list is how big some of the plants are.  Some of them are listed with their height (e.g. 6-7′ or 5-6′), some have the caliper of the tree (1- 1 1/2″) but some are listed as the size of the pot (3 gallon, 5 gallon, 7 gallon, etc.).  It is difficult to compare sizes by just looking at the size of the pot and the price.  A 3 gallon shrub here may be much bigger than a 3 gallon shrub that’s for sale outside a grocery store.  The best way to get a sense of the size is to come see it, or call and we can give you an approximate size.

Broadleaf Evergreens

Deciduous Shrubs

Deciduous Trees

Fruit Trees and Shrubs


Needle Evergreens




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