Rainbow of Fall Foliage


It’s that time of year… you can almost smell the apple cider as you look out and see the leaves changing for fall!  To help add some additional color to your fall landscape here is a list of trees in the order of this photo to give almost all the colors of the rainbow! (Note: these photos were all taken in November to highlight the fall color of each plant)

1-acer-palmatum-fireglowAcer palmatum ‘Fireglow’: This Japanese Maple Tree has leaves that turn purple-red to crimson in the fall, giving a brilliant focal point in the yard.  It is a slow growing tree, eventually reaching up to 20 ft tall and 15 ft wide over time.  It is quite sun-tolerant and can take a part sun location.  If it is planted where the sun will rise or set behind it, the leaves will look even more brilliant red as they are thin and slightly translucent.  2-acer-palmatum-bloodgood

Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’: With burgundy red leaves
that turn a brilliant scarlet in the fall, this Japanese Maple is also a good choice.  Growing 15-20 ft tall and wide, it makes a great addition to a landscape.  It prefers part sun, not a full sun location.

3-acer-palmatum-diss-red-dragonAcer palmatum dissectum ‘Red Dragon’: The purple leaves on this Maple turn a bright apple red in the fall.  Another feature that makes this unique is it’s divided leaves that give the foliage a lace-like appearance.  It is a very slow grower, only getting 8ft tall in about 15 years.  It is great for a smaller yard as it won’t overpower the space.

Prunus ‘Snow Fountain’: This weeping cherry has a 4-prunus-subhirtella-snow-fountainstunning flower display in the spring, where it is covered with snow-white flowers.  The leaves, which are green in the spring and summer turn to a nice orange-red in the fall, making this a nice multi-season addition to the garden.  It is also slow growing, getting only 12-15′ high and 15-20′ wide at maturity.

5-cornus-kousa-korean-dogwoodCornus Kousa: The Kousa Dogwood is another tree with multi-season interest.  It flowers during May and June, then in late summer, it produces 1″ diameter fruit which deepen in color to a pinkish red and persist into the fall.  The leaves will orange-red to scarlet as the fall goes on.  It also has exfoliating tan and grey bark for winter interest. 6-acer-palmatum-diss-virdis-green-laceleaf-maple

Acer Palmatum Dissectum ‘Virdis’: This green threadleaf maple has a distinct light to medium green foliage that turns yellow-orange in the fall.  This tree has a graceful spreading habit and will only get 10-12′ tall and 10-14′ wide when mature.  The dissected leaves create the frilly, lace-like look of foliage making it a beautiful specimen.

7-acer-rubrum-red-sunsetAcer rubrum ‘Red Sunset’: This is considered the best variety of the red maple.  Though it’s leaves are a medium green in spring and summer, it truly shines in the fall with leaves turning red and orange, giving it a sunset appearance.  It will grow to be 40-50ft tall and 30-40ft wide when mature and prefers part sun to full sun exposure.


Acer palmatum ‘Sango Kaku’:  Oh, the Coral Bark Maple, one of our favorites! 8-acer-palmatum-sango-kaku-coral-barkThis tree has stunning year-round interest.  Named after its coral-colored bark that intensifies as the weather cools, it creates a striking focal point in the dreariness of winter.  In the spring, yellowish-green leaves emerge which then mature to a light green in the summer and finally a yellow-gold in the fall.  It is a slow growing tree, eventually getting 20-25′ tall.  If you’ve been to the nursery you’ve probably seen our 20 year old Coral Bark planted in front of the office, it is a beauty!

9-koelreuteria-paniculata-golden-chain-treeKoelreuteria paniculata: The Golden Chain Tree is a moderate growing tree that will get to be 20-30ft tall and 25ft wide.  The blue green foliage turns to a beautiful orange in the fall.  It also blooms in the late summer with long panicles of fragrant flowers.

Ginkgo Biloba ‘Princeton Sentry’:  The 10-ginko-bil-princeton-sentry-1Ginkgo tree has one of the most stunning fall colors; a uniform, brilliant yellow.  It does best in full sun and has a conical habit, getting to be 40-50ft tall and 15-20ft wide.  The leaves are fan shaped and are green until the fall.

11-cercid-jap-magnificum-pendula-big-leaf-weeping-katsuraCercidiphyllum magnificum ‘Pendula’: A native to China and Japan, the upright weeping Katsura Tree grows upright first, then has weeping branches.  Its leaves will come out in the spring with a red tinge to them that changes to a blue-green.  In the fall the leaves change to yellow, with some red.  This tree will get 20-30ft tall at maturity and will do best in part shade or full sun with proper irrigation, as it does not do well in drought conditions.

Skimmia japonica Dwarf Female Japanese Skimmia:  The dwarf12-skimmia-japonica-dwarf-female-japanese-skimmia skimmia will only get to be 3ft by 3ft.  It is an evergreen with dark green glossy leaves.  This shrub is dioecious, which means there are separate male and female plants.  Both the male and female produce mildly fragrant white flowers, and in the fall the female will produce berries which ripen in October and persist through the winter.  However, in order for the female to produce fruit, there must be a male nearby.  Typically they are planted one male for every six females.  The skimmia needs to be planted in part to full shade, as its leaves can scorch in full sun.

13-ilex-x-koehneanaIlex x Koehneana:  The Koehneana holly was named the outstanding holly of 2005 as it is fast growing, and maintains a nice pyramidal shape with minimal pruning.  The leaves are larger than a typical holly, approximately 4″ long and 2″ wide and are a beautiful dark green.  It will grow to be 20-30ft tall.  Also, it produces orange to red berries.

Prunus serrulata ‘Royal Burgundy’:  This Royal Burgundy 14-prunus-ser-royal-burgundy-flowering-cherryflowering Cherry tree has many appealing characteristics.  Its deep rich red foliage lasts all summer and then turns to a fiery bronze in the fall.  It blooms in April with pink double flowers that take over the whole tree, making a very stunning display.  It will only grow 20ft by 20 ft at maturity, and will keep an oval or round shape.  It prefers to be in full sun and is drought tolerant.

15-prunus-cer-thundercloud-flowering-plumPrunus cerasifera ‘Thundercoud’: The Thundercloud Purple Leaf Plum has unique coppery-purple foliage that makes it a striking addition to the landscape.  It also has white to pink flowers in the spring that really pop against this darker foliage.  It does best in full sun and will grow to be 20ft tall and wide.



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