Pretty in Pink

Pink is one of the most popular colors in the garden. There are many varieties of perennials that come in pink such as Echinacea, Sedums, Dianthus, Astilbe and more. But here are a few that you may not be familiar with to add to your pink collection.

PaeoniaPaeonia ‘Coral Fay’– This gorgeous variety of Peony blooms in the mid to late Spring. It has semi-double, coral pink flowers with a yellow center that are slightly fragrant. The foliage is finely cut and fernlike. The plant reaches about 30 inches in height and requires full sun.

LewisiaLewisia ‘Little Plum’- This compact, rock garden plant has fleshy, evergreen leaves that become smothered in cotton candy pink flowers from late spring through early summer. ‘Little Plum is a hybrid that is prized for its compact growth habit and heavy blooming. It grows only
4-6” tall with a 6-8” spread. Great for rock gardens in full sun.

ColumbineColumbine ‘Robin’– This gorgeous hybrid of Columbine is in the Songbird Series. It is compact and has large 3 inch flowers in shades of pink. The most unique characteristic of this Columbine is the way in which the flowers face skyward, not nodding like many other varieties, making them very showy. Robin loves partial shade (4-6 hours of direct sun) and will reach 20-28 inches in height and 18-24 inches in width. It blooms in late spring and early summer.


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