Perennial Planting has begun!

The first perennial planting has begun!  We are planting over 10,000 plants into 4″ and Gallon containers.  These will be the first plants available for spring during our pre-season perennial sale starting March 31st.  We take a tremendous amount of care in our planting.  We begin with the best soil.  We get a mix that will retain moisture yet drain well to keep the plants from rotting.  The plugs and bare root cuttings we use to start our planting are hand trimmed and cleaned before being planted.  Once planted, the plants are strategically arranged alphabetically (by latin name) inside the greenhouse.  Though it is a greenhouse, we don’t set the heat too high.  If we did that, the plants would grow too fast and not be able to withstand the cold April temperatures when they get put outside.  Instead the greenhouse gets cool at night and is a balmy 45-50 degrees during the day.  Now they have two months to grow to get ready for our sale on March 31st!

You can check out our progress with updates on Facebook:

Prep-work: All of the pots are labeled ahead of time with the name of the plant, barcode and price. They are then arranged alphabetically making it easy to grab pots once the planting begins
Stacks and stacks of soil are in the greenhouse to keep the soil from freezing and to facilitate quick refills of the potting trough. We can go through over 20 bags of soil a day!
Here we have about half of the 4″ perennials planted (4600 total).
Here is the other half of the 4″ pots. It took about 2 1/2 days to plant them all.
A close up of some babies just planted!



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