Japanese Maples!

Just in from the West Coast!

We continue to get shipments in through the fall because fall is a great time to plant!  We just received an order from the West Coast of some beautiful evergreens and gorgeous Japanese Maple trees.  This is one of our largest shipments of Japanese Maples of the year as we prefer to get them in the fall and acclimate them to our climate. Here are the varieties we have gotten in:
Bloodgood – Its beautiful burgundy foliage turns scarlet red in the fall.  A compact tree that will get to be 15-20′ tall and 15′ wide.
Fireglow – Similar to Bloodgood, but smaller in stature it has deeper red foliage that will turn purple-scarlet to crimson in the fall.  It is slow-growing, but will eventually reach 15′-20′ tall and 15′ wide.
Red Dragon – With lace-like purple-red leaves this dwarf Japanese maple makes a great focal point in a garden with its graceful branching.  It will slowly grow to be 7-8′ tall and has apple-red fall foliage.
Mikawa yatsubusa – Another dwarf Japanese Maple, this tree’s leaves are closely layered which creates a dense and structural look.  The yellow-green leaves turn deeper green in the summer and then various shades of red and yellow in fall.
Sango kaku – Also known as Coral Bark Maple, this is one of our favorites.  If you’ve admired the tree in front of our office, this is what you’ve been looking at.  The coral-colored bark provides winter interest, beautiful green leaves cover the tree all summer and then change to fantastic golds and yellows in the fall.  It will get to be 15′-20′ tall and 15′ wide.
Twombly’s Red Sentinel – this unique columnar Japanese maple has similar coloring to ‘Bloodgood’ and will slowly get 10-15′ tall but will only get 6-8′ wide.
Virdis – this dwarf variety has a graceful weeping habit that will eventually create a dome of lace-like green foliage.  Slow growing, it will eventually reach 8′ tall and wide and has spectacular fall color of crimson and gold.

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