Hydrangea Festival 2019

The 2019 Hydrangea Festival is June 22nd – July 31st. 

Redeem your Hydrangea Dollars during the festival and get up to 50% off ANYTHING you buy!

Hydrangea Festival Events:

Monday, June 24th 10:00 am – Container Gardening Workshop – hear how to create the best container gardens including suggestions for sun and shade and then make your own container garden for $35. Includes a 12” container, soil and five 4” plants.

Tuesday, June 25th 10:00 am – Create Your Own Succulent Container Garden  – learn about succulents and create your own to take home! Includes a clay pot, soil and five small succulents. $25

Wednesday, June 26th 10:00 am – All About Hydrangeas – learn about the different varieties of hydrangea as well as planting and care instructions including how to correctly prune them!  – Free!

Thursday, June 27th 10:00 am – Maintaining the Summer Garden – Find out how to make your annuals and perennials look good all summer long – Free!

Friday, June 28th 10:00 am – Perennial Garden Success- Hear tips on planning and designing a perennial garden, planting to attract Pollinators and adding native plants to your garden! – Free!

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