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We are down to the final stretch for Christmas shopping and if you’re like me, you still have a few people left to shop for.  Not to worry, we have some great gift ideas for you in this post.  We have been receiving some of our spring inventory in the garden shop over the past few weeks so we have some great new products that the gardener on your list will love.

Gifts for Gardeners

Mud GlovesMud Gloves – There are three different types of these gloves and all three work great.  The lightest pair (purple) is breathable and great for tasks like weeding, pruning, and yard clean up since they provide some protection with the rubber palms and fingers but are comfortable enough to wear for long periods of times.  I wore a pair of these while making hundreds of wreaths and they protected me from all the sap caused by the freshly cut branches.  The traditional Mud gloves (the blue ones) have a thicker rubber coating that goes completely over the fingers.  This makes them great for planting, especially in wet soil.  I used a pair of these all last spring planting thousands of plants in our greenhouses and they hold up nicely.  The rubber keeps your hands dry and dirt out of your fingernails!  The last pair is a splurge but great for someone who has a lot of roses or other thorny plants that need care and pruning.  The gloves are made from goatskin leather with a suede cuff that extends over the forearm for more protection.   

Pruners – It’s always great to get some brand new, sharp pruners!  We have a few different Dramm pruners which are reasonably priced but are made with stainless steel blades and work quite well.  We used a few of these cutting up greens for wreaths this year and they held up well to the many, many cuts.  We also carry the top of the line Felco pruners, the gold standard of pruners.  Any gardener would be thrilled to open these on Christmas morning!

Gifts for Beginning Gardeners


Moss assortment KitDIY Terariums

Tools perfect for Terrariums











Terrarium Supplies:  Terrariums have become a fun trend to add some life and color to the house.  We have just gotten in some DIY terrarium kits with everything you need to make your own terrarium, plus we have great tools to keep the terrarium looking good, or to assist you in planting into a container that doesn’t fit your hand.  We also have some great moss collections to help decorate the terrariums.  This is a fun project to do with kids that helps them start a relationship with plants early on.  There are also some fun fairy garden items that would look great in a terrarium!


Houseplant planter

Pilea peperomioides

Houseplants and Containers – This is a great gift idea for an apartment dweller or college student.  First we have these very chic containers that are designed to water from below so the plant stays watered and alive.  The other special plant we have is called Pilea peperomioides.  This is a super popular plant on social media right now (over 250k photos are hashtagged pilea on Instagram) but it is actually a little hard to find since it is relatively new to the US.  This happy little houseplant is so, so easy to care for and it produces baby plants like mad.  It’s sometimes called the friendship plant because it is very easy to propagate the babies to give to friends. Some other easy to care for plants are the Snake plant, ZZ plant and of course, the ever popular succulents!



Gifts for Anyone!

Fun Birdhouses! – We have some great new birdhouses that make a great gift.  These will look great outside and they will provide a neat home for birds in the spring!  We also have bird and hummingbird feeders and food, plus a few birdbaths.

Local Honey, jam and soap

Locally made products – There’s nothing better than buying local products!  We have local honey from Brewster and West Yarmouth, plus we have a good supply of Jam made from the Green Briar Jam kitchen in East Sandwich (the maple cranberry sauce is to die for!).  We also have local soaps handmade in Truro including this Cape Cod Gardener’s soap and other scents such as Newcomb Hollow and Seabreeze.


Bamboo Fountain


Fountains:  Indoor fountains are great for the winter as they add some relaxing sounds and mesmerizing movement when you can’t go outside.  These new bamboo fountains just came in, but we also have a good selection of ceramic fountains.



Gazing Globes

Gazing Globes: Just in, these colorful globes can brighten up the inside of the house in the winter and then go outside in the summer to add color to the garden.  We have some smaller sized globes which is new this year, plus the traditional 12″ ones as well.  We also have some decorative holders to set them on.

Statuary: We just got one of our shipments in of statuary which includes some great whale statues, the ever popular yoga frogs and some cute koi.  We also have other animals like dogs and cats as well as gnomes, dragons, Buddhas and pagodas.

Whale Statue Yoga Frog Koi statueStatuary Display

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