Fall is the Time for Planting

Fall is a great time to plant nursery stock such as trees and shrubs. The reason it is a good time to plant is because as the soil cools off in the fall, the roots become very active until hard frost, which usually occurs in late November or December. This is a good time to get plants established and they will flush out better than when planted in the following spring. The only exception to this would be planting in an extremely exposed ocean front area. In this case, a Spring planting would allow the plants to get established for a full season before having to withstand the harsh winter conditions. Other than that, fall planting will give you a jump on the season and you will start the spring with beautifully established plantings.

Unlike most garden centers, we buy in several truckloads of trees and shrubs in the fall. Buying in the fall gives you a good selection of plant material from all around the country. We do this to overwinter the material here and get it used to and on the same weather schedule. In the fall, we bring in the bulk of the rhododendrons, as well as many flowering and shade trees, Japanese maples, forsythia, evergreens, hydrangeas, and live Xmas trees. Get the first pick of this fresh new stock for 2016!


Fall is Time for Planting - Crocker Nurseries


4 thoughts on “Fall is the Time for Planting”

    1. Crocker Nurseries

      We actually do have some Cryptomeria now. We have the variety “Yoshino” in a 5 or 7 gallon pot for $125 (apx 3-4ft tall) and a 15 gallon pot $175 (approx 4-5ft tall). We won’t be getting any more in other than what we have.

    1. Crocker Nurseries

      We do not currently have it, but we can try to get it (depending on availability) possibly this spring, or the fall.

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