Exciting Echinacea!

You know the heat is on when you start seeing Echinacea, aka Coneflowers coming into bloom. Loving the warmer temperature, the full sun, and good drainage, this is truly a great perennial for the Cape Cod garden.  Another reason to grow Echinacea is that it attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. The rabbits do like to eat them, so if you have bunny trouble, be sure to protect these with a repellent or fence.  No matter what variety you choose, you can expect a carnival of color from now until frost!  Here are some of the varieties we currently carry:

As always, we have our reliable standbys. Echinacea purpurea, the tall native getting to be 36-40″, along with Magnus which gets to be 36″.  They are all truly hardy, and can even be somewhat overly vigorous in the ideal spot!

Cheyene Spirit is a colorful seed variety that ranges from red, orange and yellow shades and gets to be 24-30″ tall and is great for a long season bloom.

Pow Wow White and Wild Berry are shorter varieties getting to be 18-24″ that are very hardy and make great cut flowers.

Sombrero Series – Lemon Yellow, Flamenco Orange, Adobe Orange and Salsa Red are very bright, cheerful flowers for your perennial garden.  Drought tolerant, with a compact form and prolific flowering.

Lakota Santa Fe

Lakota Santa Fe – our shortest variety, only reaching 12-16″ tall, this still packs a colorful punch with shades of red.  Perfect for small spaces and borders.

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