Everything is coming up roses

We have a beautiful selection of roses available for this summer ranging from the low maintenance and tough landscape roses such as Flower Carpets and Knockout Roses to Hybrid Teas and Floribunda Roses. Whatever your garden is like we have a rose for you. Here are a few roses we would like to highlight:

Knockout Roses– These very low maintenance roses are cold hardy to Zone 5, heat tolerant, disease resistant and flower profusely! The flowering continue every 5 weeks from Spring through the first hard frost. They come in a variety of colors- red, rose, pink, white and more. They grow about 3’ wide by 4’ tall and do best when planted in full sun in well-drained fertile soil. To keep those flowers coming, feed your roses after each bloom cycle.


OctoberfestOctoberfest Gradiflora Rose– This gorgeous orange and yellow rose originated in New Zealand. The blooms are lightly fragrant and measure 5” across . The bush is tall and upright with large, glossy green foliage. What a beauty!

Hotel CalHotel California Hybrid Tea Rose- This beautiful clear yellow blooming tea rose makes a wonderful cut flower. It has long stems, very showy flowers and elegant big flower buds. The foliage is glossy, dark green and reaches about 3-4’ in height and width.

MoondanceMoondance Floribunda Rose is a 2007 All-American Winner. Moondance has huge luminous white blooms with a light raspberry fragrance. It has a well-branched columnar style with deep green leaves.

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  1. Hey just emailed you. I put 3 Hardy Hibiscus and 2 White summer of 2018. While they look like they have began coming up. I am only in the Cape for 3 months. Do you or anyone Else. Sell any color at least half grown with blooms or do I have to wait until late summer. I’d rather replant every year over the pool because so I catching. I’ll be stopping by tomorrow just thought I would ask. Thanks

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