Crazy for Carex!


Do you have a shady or part sun area that grass just won’t grow in? Carex, aka Sedge, just might be the answer. Sedge can take a variety of conditions from very dry shade to wet, boggy habitats. These plants work well as edging along a shady border, massed as a ground cover, and even in containers. Easy to use as a lawn alternative, the colorful foliage will bring texture and provide a low maintenance solution to almost any garden situation.

Varieties we offer:

Carex ‘Banana Boat’: This broadleaved sedge had gorgeous yellow and green striped foliage that grows to 6-12” tall. This variety does require a well-watered area and will spread slowly by rhizomes. A new variety with a lot of color!

Carex oshimensis ‘Everdi’, ‘Everlime’, and ‘Evergold’ (pictured): growing 10-16” tall, this is a series that has finely textured waxy green foliage that will mound. It is an excellent lawn substitute for lightly shaded areas. This will spread slowly and will not require much maintenance except for pruning out wind burned foliage in the spring.

Carex flacca ‘Blue Zinger’: This taller sedge has a mature height up to 20”. Its blue-green foliage is more grasslike than others and would make a nice statement when massed. This sedge will tolerate more sun than some other varieties.

Carex variegata: The creamy white and green foliage makes this variety pop out in a shady spot. Growing only to 10” tall, this is easy to fit into areas where not much else will grow.

Carex buchananii: Fox Red Curly Sedge: This has a much different look than other sedge, with red-bronze foliage that turns a pale yellow at the ends. It will eventually reach 2-3’ tall and wide, but is a slow grower.

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