Crape Myrtle Varieties for Cape Cod

If you are a Southern-grown person, you know that Crape Myrtle are amazing trees in the south- all the way down to Southern Florida. It may come as a surprise to you that there are varieties that grow on the Cape.

Here are a few of them:

Rhapsodyin PinkLagerstroemia indica ‘Rhapsody in Pink’ – Crape Myrtle.

This variety typically grows 6-10 feet tall with 6-20 inch crepe-papery flowers in soft pink. This tree flowers from mid-summer to frost on upright branches of purple tinged foliage. Rhapsody in Pink makes a beautiful specimen small tree.



pocomokeLagerstroemia indica ‘Pocomoke’- Dwarf Crape Myrtle

This is a unique dwarf-size, multi-stemmed shrub with dark rosy pink flowers that bloom throughout the entire summer!  It will reach 3-5 feet tall and 4-5 ft wide. Great used as an accent or in mixed plantings.


raspLagerstroemia indica ‘Raspberry Sundae’

This variety of Crape Myrtle has unique flowers, raspberry red with a touch of white, which are distinctly fragrant. The flower buds are a wonderful crimson color, and the flowering season lasts from mid-summer until frost. Raspberry Sundae is very upright and columnar reaching 15-20 tall at maturity.


Crape Myrtle Varieties for Cape Cod - Crocker Nurseries


16 thoughts on “Crape Myrtle Varieties for Cape Cod”

  1. Can you please tell me when crape myrtle becomes available? Also, does it respond well to trimming? I am looking at the Rhapsody in Pink.
    Thank you

    1. Crocker Nurseries

      We do have some Crape Myrtle now, but we tend to get more in closer to when it starts blooming, which is in the summer. Currently we don’t have Rhapsody in Pink but we will probably be getting it later on in the season. We do have Pink Velour, but that’s more of a dark pink, not the light pink like Rhapsody in Pink.

    1. Crocker Nurseries

      Hi Michael, we don’t currently have the Muskogee Crape Myrtle but it is something we usually carry and may be getting it in later this spring. It is cold hardy in our zone (we are zone 7 and it is cold hardy to zone 6) but if we had an unseasonably cold winter, or if you live near the water on the north side of the cape, it could be touchy.

    1. Crocker Nurseries

      Yes, that is normal. The Crape Myrtles don’t bloom until late summer/fall so you won’t see buds until about July.

    1. Crocker Nurseries

      While we don’t have personal experience with ‘Dynamite’ it is listed as Zone 6 for hardiness, and generally speaking the Crape Myrtles that are hardy to Zone 6 do well on Cape Cod.

  2. I am waiting for a Crape Myrtle that was planted last summer to show new growth…or any growth……is it too early yet for the leaves to appear?? Hoping this is the case.
    Thanks, Chris C. Dennis

    1. Crocker Nurseries

      Hi Chris, sorry for the delay in responding. If you don’t have any leaves on it by now, then it probably won’t be coming back. They can be a bit touchy on Cape Cod.

  3. I purchased a crepe myrtle last year around Father’s Day. It did well all summer and in to the fall. This spring it is not leafing out and seems deaf. What is you policy for replacement, exchange or refund for this situation.?

  4. I was shocked to see Crape Myrtles on a recent visit to Cape Cod. I am originally from Texas and did not think they grew this far North. Is it possible to grow one in Cambridge, MA?

  5. What are the chances for success in Chilmark on Martha’s Vineyard? We are on a pond, exposed to salt air, with some wind protection by the house. Would a cherry do any better?

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