Cold Tolerant Annuals

Spring is here and so is our excitement to get some color in our window boxes, containers and gardens! Unfortunately, being in New England, our spring weather can be a bit unpredictable and can go from 70 degrees to 32 degrees without skipping a beat. That’s why early spring gardening can be a little tricky. There are some annuals that are cold tolerant and can withstand some of the cooler temperatures of spring, making it a little easier and less disappointing.

Alyssum – Don’t be fooled by the fragrant dainty flowers, this plant is tough in the cold! Newer versions include Lobularia which is a more aggressive spreading variety.

Calendula – Available in orange and yellow in single and double flower, new varieties have a good heat tolerance as well.

Calibrachoa – looking similar to a petunia but much smaller flowers, this has great flower power and will go from spring through fall.

Osteospermum – Now available in many colors, this daisy will survive cool temperatures and newer varieties are bred for more heat tolerance, making them able to keep blooming all summer.

Petunia – both upright and trailing, petunias are tough and can withstand the cool temperatures but will also thrive in heat. The trailing varieties do benefit from regular trimming to keep them from getting too leggy.

Dianthus – upright and growing to 8-12″ this is available in white, pinks and reds and some combinations.

Pansy – a classic early spring flower that will survive a hard frost available in a wide assortment of colors.

Lobelia – a semi-trailing/mounding plant that is available in one of the most perfect blue color, a dark blue, purple and white.

Nemesia – a really great and happy plant related to snapdragons that have are available in red, yellow, blue and white.

Diascia – we have both upright versions of this that are about 12″ tall as well as trailing varieties in dark red, light pink, pink and coral.

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  1. Hi this is for
    Dave Shea
    Since the elderberry aren’t available, I left a message about Viburnum opulus Roseum. Are these available? Or in stock?
    Or do you have red chokeberry? Or
    Spicebush? How much do they cost?
    Maureen Ryan. 5088961953

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