A Beautiful Selection of Annuals for Your Yard


Annuals Galore ImageEven after the Memorial Day rush, we are stocked up with an amazing selection of annuals to plant into your garden, containers or hanging pots. We have a beautiful selection of new guinea impatiens, supertunias, calibrachoa (mini-petunia), verbena and many more varieties of your favorite bedding plants and specialty annuals. Here are a few highlights.

New Guinea Impatiens- If you love the look of impatiens but your garden gets too much sun, New Guinea Impatiens may be your answer.  New Guineas which come in a variety of colors from orange to lavender to white will tolerate up to a half a day of sun. Their ideal location would be an east facing bed that would get morning sun but shade in the mid afternoon. Space them 18 inches apart and they will grow into beautifully branched colorful mounds. They also do well in containers and hanging baskets.

Verbena- For a sunny spot in the yard or in patio containers, verbenas make a beautiful splash of color. With a variety of growth habits from trailing to upright and a variety of stunning colors, these very adaptable plants will weave through your annual and perennial beds or make a real statement in a mixed hanger.

Calibrachoa- Commonly called mini-petunias or million bells, these spreading annuals come in a wide range of colors and will brighten up any garden or container. Being self-cleaning (not needing to have their old flowers removed) they make a lovely accent. Calibrachoa is fast-growing, thrives in sun and produces hundred of small trumpet-like flowers from spring to late fall. The variety Callie comes in red, coral pink, peach cobbler, double yellow and rose.

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